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How does the implementation process of a chatbot look like?

This is dependent on the sort of chatbot you use and the bot builder or service provider you use for technical implementation. Individual content, as well as any relevant data source interfaces, are defined and implemented in collaboration with clients. Additionally, Conversational AI platform offers pre-configured modules. After the technological setup is complete, the chatbot is thoroughly tested and optimized before going live.

With a road map and an ultimate objective in mind, implementation of chatbot can begin. If you want to improve the customer experience and reaction times, this is the way to go. First and foremost, consider where a chatbot may be used at each client touchpoint; now is the moment to break down the customer journey.

Then, text your chatbots with your internal personnel and use a chatbot pyramid, in which the chatbots only react to a limited number of enquiries. Flip the chatbot pyramid, i.e. give the chatbots a bigger amount of interaction management as the chatbots get smarter and more proficient.

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