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What are the use cases of FAQ Chatbots?

  1. Chatbots Answer Questions And Inquiries
  2. Chatbots have a significant influence on customer service, which is one of the most important corporate responsibilities. Chatbots for customer service can assist organizations in engaging customers by addressing frequently asked questions and providing context to interactions. Businesses may save money on customer service by shortening response times and improving initial response times, which improves the user experience.

    FAQ Chatbots may automate the whole process of providing consumers when support staff are busy or unavailable when used as part of customer service. The availability of 24 hours a day, seven days a week improves the resolution rate, which lowers customer churn.

  3. Buy tickets to events and shows
  4. Most clients will ask the same sorts of inquiries about what they are buying before making a purchase choice. Answering such common queries will eat up your customer service team's precious time and resources. A better option would be to install a chatbot on your website and program it to respond to common inquiries that your salesperson are asked.

  5. Use Chatbots to locate products, check inventory, and provide product recommendations
  6. Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of a transaction is a customer's inability to identify what they want and make a purchase is their unwillingness to conduct a simple action on their own.

    Customers just seek an easy way to contact a customer service professional who can assist them in resolving their 'issue.' This might be as simple as asking for a recommendation or as complicated as checking inventories for a certain item.

    These are time-consuming activities for a customer service representative. Customers may check inventory by searching for and visiting a specific product page. When it comes to offering recommendations, support agents understand that coming up with ideas might take a long time.

    Using a chatbot to address these kind of queries might help free up time for customer support workers.

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