Frequently Asked Questions

Are all chatbots based on AI?

Rule-based and AI-based chatbots are the two types of chatbots that we distinguish. A rule-based chatbot's possible user entries and responses are pre-defined. If you ask a question that hasn't been defined yet, the chatbot won't be able to help you answer it. Rule-based chatbots seek for previously set keywords to process the input. The suitable response is given based on the keywords identified.

AI-based bots, unlike rule-based bots, can learn on their own. They are trained with a sample data set in the first stage. This test dataset is used by the chatbot to deduce regularities and derive additional answers. Each new input is used to train the bot once it is in use.

In addition to the capacity to learn, text input is handled differently. Natural Language Processing is used to do this (NLP). This means that AI-based bots try to analyze the input by using context rather than searching for keywords.

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