Bharat Sewani

Senior Software Engineer

I am a backend engineer with a total of six years of experience working with NodeJS (1 year) Golang (2years) and PHP (5 years). I am skilled with micro-service architecture design, distributed system and Rest API building. I have hands-on experience working with Google Cloud Service,Amazon Webservice, Docker, MySQL, MongoDB, JSON, and GraphQL. I have good experience in remote team management and project planning

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Freelancer Software Engineer


Currently I am working as a freelancer software developer.


  • Get clients requirements and check possibilities of a solution.
  • Discover and compare all possible tech stack and third-party solutions.
  • Arrange and manage all human resources to work on the project.
  • Lead the project and deliver the desired solution.
Senior Software Engineer

Trans Neuron Technologies Pvt Ltd


Bengaluru, India

Transneuron Technologies is working in education domain and providing solutions for the education sector in India.


  • Had the responsibility to built, maintain and test microservices and API for current skill India and Ekaushal software.
  • Communicate with remote team and client for project collaboration and requirement gathering.
  • Get client requirement, discuss the impact on the current system with the team, built, deploy and deliver.
  • Distributed application load by 1/10.
  • 6 million+ active users are using application.
Freelancer Golang Developer



Masternaut is UK based telematics service provider.


  • Support the client for requirement gathering, project planning, documentation and delivery.
  • Write, maintain and deliver working code for data collection and analytical process to the client.
  • Built program to generate analytical reports for drivers, based on Masternaut API data using Golang, Mysql, JSON reduced themanual analytical worked and speedup analytical process 10X.
  • Using automation reduced workload of team managers and increased their productivity 10 times.
  • During the development of this project found a functional bug on an open-source Golang package and successfully reported it toachieve accuracy of the project.

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Ceo & Founder

07/2016-11/2018 is a chatbot building platform where any non-technical user can build a chatbot without any technical and programming knowledge

Ajmer, India


  • As an entrepreneur had responsibility for almost everything from product design, product building, team management,marketing, human resource management and remote team collaboration
  • Bootstrapped my startups for continues 2 years.
  • Got clients like CMS Asia and Sony Music Corporation
  • Got recognition from startup India program.
Associate software developer
Blueberry Softtech private limited.

Ajmer, India


Blueberry Softtech is working in the service sector and building software and web applications to solve client's problems.


  • As an associate web developer, I had the responsibility to get requirements from team lead and project manager. Discuss andclear doubts with colleagues, built, test and submit module/function to team lead for approval.
  • Have been part of a team that built an automatic car hiring system for a cab service provider in Africa and completed the projectin the deadline of six months.
  • successfully created automation scripts for various tasks including database and system backup, trash cleaning, databasesynchronization and achieved the goal of maximum automation.
  • Using automation reduced workload of team managers and increased their productivity 10 times.
  • Optimised algorithms to achieve maximum throughput and reduced execution time up to 1/3.
HONOR AWARDS Hall of Fame(10/2014-Present)

CodeIgniter Hall of fame. (10/2015 – Present)

Blackberry USA Hall of fame. (10/2015 – Present)

Blackberry USA (11/2015 – Present) (01/2016)

  • Responsibly disclosed the security of the Vulnerabilities in (Indian Foodchain) reported to CEO & Got SWAG asappreciation. (04/2016 – Present)

  • Found vulnerabilities in it and received SWAG & appreciationletter from them.


Rajasthan State Certificate of InformationTechnology. (10/2010 – Present)

Cyber Security Operational Technology.(11/2017 – Present)

How to build your professional Network online.(05/2018 – Present)


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Yoga & Meditation


Social Gathering




Blog Writing

Book Reading


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Computer Application
Department Of Computer Science, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University


Ajmer, India

Last updated

19 April 2021

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