How I used AI to buy the best Cryptocurrencies for me.

I am Bharat Sewani an Entrepreneur, Tech Geek, Bug Hunter, a Hustler and Bachelor of information technology and Computer science. I am serene yet wild, Simple yet irresistible, with the hope that you will like my side project I am explaining it.

It was the month of November when cryptocurrency like Bitcoin started to get heap all over the globe. All cryptocurrencies were touching a new record of price which was unimaginable and unpredictable. People were selling their house and properties to invest in cryptocurrency, lots of them left their job to be a full-time trader. That were the golden days of a crypto holder. Then suddenly price dropped, and all started to sound like a Ponzi scheme.

So What was the force which was influencing them to do it? Why were they investing in cryptocurrencies? Why this much hike in the crypto market? Why are people investing in it? What is the force behind this unaffordable price?

With the curiosity to get the answer to all these questions, I got started to speak to my friends in the crypto market. They made me aware of the influencers. The influencers used to tweet about the coin and their followers were investing in it, this was spreading like wildfire and creating a positive hype for the currency, resulting in a price hike.

Vice versa the same was happening when any negative news arises in the market by regulation of the government or a cyber attack on the exchange or wallet, resulting in the price drop.

I was always attracted to the profit ratio of this market and wanted to invest in it. But as a human being, it was difficult for me to follow all the influencers and crypto news sites to keep track of cryptocurrency market and trade according to trends.

After hustling a lot, I tried to automate this stuff and came with a solution which is my side project. It helped me to trade the best cryptocurrencies in the market. It is automatically selling and buying coin based on market sentiments and generating profit. I am still in thoughts should make that project open source or use it privately for my self. I leave this up to you, If I get enough response for this post I’ll make that research, data and tool open source for everyone.

Thank you

Bharat Sewani