Chatbot for A Popular Car Manufacturing Company


A leading car manufacturer wanted a system that can help them generate leads in the most efficient manner. They were in a search of a system that can allow them to understand client requirements without a customer care centre.


I designed a chatbot system that can collect leads for the business and also give recommendations based on the buyer persona. I made a questionnaire and checked what a buyer persona might want. If the buyer is going to drive himself, or has a chauffeur who is going to drive. So, if the buyer is finding a car for driving, the chatbot recommends a car that is comfortable for a chauffeur and showcases features that are driver-friendly.

On the other hand, if someone is looking for an option at a non-driver seat, my chatbot recommends a car that is good, comfort-wise and style-wise. The users of this car companies are going to vary based on their status and hence, it was important to catch leads both ways.

The chatbot also asks for email id and phone number of the person trying to pick relevant information, so the company can directly store that data in a database for future communications.

Tech stack

To make this advanced chatbot system, I used the following tech stack:

  • Backend: NodeJS
  • API: Twillio WhatsApp API
  • DB: MongoDB
  • Infrastructure: AWS EC2 instance


I solved two major problems for the company and those are:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. 24*7 accessibility for customer
  3. The company no longer needs to attend every customer personally. The customer only has to fire a query in the chatbot with his email and phone number. Every information is directly sent to the WhatsApp chat on the customer’s WhatsApp number by connecting Twillio WhatsApp API to the internal CRM.